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The Alkek Velodrome is housed on the grounds of Cullen Park in West Houston. Built in 1986 it is now the only Velodrome in Texas.


A journey through the many laps of time...

From it's opening in 1986 the Alkek Velodrome has gone though many changes and seen a lot. Read about it here...

Records and Champions

Looking for inspiration or a challenge?

A section dedicated to the most successful riders to have been part of the Alkek community!


Still looking for more? Check our FAQ section or email us at

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions...


Join the Alkek Velodrome Family

Alkek is a volunteer based organization, help us keep doing what we do!

Rider Services

Get the most from your track bike...

Mechanical and bike fitting services at Alkek Velodrome.

Who's Who

Who are the GHCF...

Board of Directors:

Ethan Bing - Cason Hewgley - Carl Jones - Tracy Jones-Martin - James 'TJ' Nguyen - Tom Craddock

Program Director:

Stuart Gardner

Weekend Market

The first step in your track cycling journey...

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