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Track Bike guide

Velodromes have strict requirements of what type of bike can be used but don't worry if you don't own a track bike, at Alkek Velodrome we have a fleet of rental bikes, in a range of sizes that are available for use, we even have a track Tandem!

Fault Rpt

Track Bike Size Guide

39cm (650c) - 4'0"-4'5"

43cm (650c) - 4'5"-4'9"

47cm - 4'9"-5'2"

49cm - 5'2"-5'4"

50cm - 5'3"-5'5"

52cm - 5'5"-5'7"

54cm - 5'7"-5'9"

56cm - 5'9"-5'11"

58cm - 5'11"-6'2"

60cm - 6'2"+

Junior Gearing Guide (Rollout)

U12 - 50x17 (6.05m)

13-14 - 50x16 (6.45m)

15-16 - 50x15 (6.93m)


Most >49cm bikes come with 48x15 and <49cm come with 46x16 gearing however this can be changed in advance if requested.

Renting a Bike

For a race event and new rider classes bikes must be requested in advance. During the pre-registration process there will be prompts for rental bikes. For open training riders can use rental bikes for an additional $5 fee. This can be sorted out on arrival by asking the training coordinator. Rental bikes are provided with platform pedals and toe straps, if you wish to use your own pedal system please bring your pedals and tools to install them.

Track Bike Criteria

All track bikes must be fixed gear single speed bikes without brakes. The pedal height must be sufficient that when at it's lowest point it doesn't connect with the banking while the bike is vertical (Track bikes have a higher bottom bracket and shorter cranks for this reason. Drop bars are required for group riding and mass start/sprint races. Aerobars are permitted for certain TT events and individual training. Aerobars can be used for the team pursuit and associated training.

Who Sells Track Bikes?

If you decide you enjoy track cycling you may wish to get your own track bike, we have plenty of locally owned bike shops and online retailers that will help you get set up! Alternatively check out the Houston Velodrome Gear Swap page on Facebook for second hand options. Don't be afraid to ask, plenty of riders have bikes sitting at home they would happily sell so post what you want and hopefully someone will have a match for you!

The first step in your track cycling journey...

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