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COVID-19 Operations


We are currently working with HPARD to establish how we will operate going forward but for now the Alkek Velodrome is not able to operate as normal. We can open only on a limited basis for prescheduled training sessions until further notice. The key points are listed below:

- Maximum 10 Riders in the velodrome at any one time.

- We are NOT able to offer racing, new rider clinics, youth cycling league or any other events

- We are NOT permitted to use shared equipment including rental bikes
- Sessions MUST be scheduled and paid for online prior to attending the track. We CANNOT accept in person payments.

Further details of our opening restrictions can be found here

All riders must have completed a 2021 Waiver before attending the track. These CANNOT be completed on site and must be done online.

Click here to schedule a training session. Click here to view the schedule.

Feb 2021 Program Director Update

Unfortunately COVID restrictions will not be relaxed enough for us to be able to hold our planned season opening event on February 20th. Given the current conditions and prevalence of the virus it would be impossible to do so in a safe and enjoyable manner so I am taking the decision to cancel it. 

As far as racing in March I will wait until the end of the month to make a call. To be fair to volunteers, racers and officials I want to be able to give a minimum of 1 month notice before we start racing so they can plan accordingly. At this point our 2021 program is on hold.

We will be continuing with restricted training for now. I can't get approval to change things at this time. However I will be making some changes inside this structure based on feedback I have got.


Structured Training

Myself and Carl (When able to attend) will start running sessions on Tuesday and Thursday from the first week of February. During these sessions we will run interval training for those who wish to take part. The intervals will consist of solo efforts for now. These sessions, along with an indoor trainer/rollers option in case riders can't make it or it rains will be added to the calendar and can be found by clicking on the date. Each week will have the same session on Tuesday and Thursday for now. If you can't make the start of the training session and need to join part way through I can adjust the session to accommodate this as we are working in small groups.


Riders who have their own training plans can still ride these sessions, participation in the structured plan is entirely optional. There is no additional cost to take part in the provided training beyond the session fee.

Season Passes

For those interested in season passes we will be offering our Silver Pass which covers training fees. When we start racing again Gold will be offered at a bolt on price which will be dependent on how much of the race calendar is still to run.



Adult: $200

19-23: $150

0-18: $100


You can apply for a season pass here, it will be valid until the end of 2021. For those without season passes training sessions will be charged at $5 per person.


New Riders

If you haven't completed an intro course at Alkek or other velodrome you will need to have an induction to ride. We cannot offer our normal new rider clinic or provide rental bikes but for confident riders who own their own track bike we can provide a one-on-one induction covering the basics of training at the track allowing you to attend these sessions safely.  Prior to racing you will still be required to attend a new rider clinic once they are available again as this gives some essential input into group riding etiquette we can give right now.


I can offer these inductions at Tuesday and Thursday sessions, please email me about other sessions as it is dependent on volunteer availability.


I hope you all stay safe and I hope to see you out at the track.

Stuart Gardner

Alkek Velodrome Program Director


19008 Saums Rd, Houston, TX 77084

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