GHCF Junior Sponsorship Program

Designed to give all aspiring junior track cyclists the chance to reach their potential...

What is it?

It is an opportunity for individuals, clubs and businesses to provide cycling for junior riders through Alkek Velodrome programs at no financial cost to the rider while educating the athletes in not only cycling but business partnerships.

What's in it for Sponsors?

Families of supported riders will think of your brand very highly when considering future needs, you will help grow cycling in Houston and receive positive brand exposure.

What's in it for riders?

You will be able to attend all GHCF races and training sessions at Alkek Velodrome free of charge and gain valuable experience in how sponsorship works. There may even be some other perks too!

What's in it for the GHCF

We have a passion for track cycling and we love to share this with the next generation of riders. We also understand that the success of our Youth Cycling Program is key to maintaining rider numbers at a level we can continue to do what we love.

How it works...

Every sponsorship place created is open to application from Junior riders. Allocation of sponsorships can either be done by GHCF or the sponsor. Sponsors can add conditions and additional perks as they see fit such as a minimum number of races, social media presence, photo’s or provide a jersey or kit for them to use etc. as long as these fit in with the program objectives. Successful applicant riders will at minimum be provided with a full season pass and allocated a bike from our rental fleet for the year. The GHCF will facilitate the program and work to match riders and sponsors together.

What if...

A rider is unable to continue or meet requirements? In this event the space will be transferred to another rider.

There aren't enough riders? Funds will either be held for riders joining through the year or the following year or allocated to different projects supporting junior cycling at the sponsors discretion.  

Current Opportunities...

Click on the logo for more details and to download the application form, we are currently looking for more sponsors, more information can be found in our Sponsor Guide, if interested please contact us.


The GHCF offers riders discounted and free training and racing in return for volunteering and helping operate or provide services to the velodrome.


The first step in your track cycling journey...