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Welcome to Alkek Velodrome. In this section you should be able to find everything you need to know to get started riding and training at the track!

Track Inductions

The first step in your track cycling journey...

Interested in riding or racing at the Alkek Velodrome? A Track Induction is the first step for riders aged 14+.


Introduction to Track Cycling Class

All the basics of track cycling including pack riding, an intro to racing is also covered in this fun 2-3hr session led by experienced coaches and riders. You must register in advance using the 'Sign Up' button below. Rental bikes are available.

Adult: $25

Age 14-16yrs: $5

+$5 for Rental Bike if Rqd.

Mar-Aug Only

Expedited Induction

For riders with bunch racing experience (USAC Road Cat 3 or Higher) a shorter induction covering the rules and safety protocols specific to track riding will be conducted at an open training session by a coach. Riders doing this must be comfortable riding a fixed gear bike on banking, riding in close packs and show evidence of sufficient racing skills. Please email to arrange this. This is also suitable for anyone who has completed a track induction at another track or Alkek that would like a refresher.

Adult: $15

Age 14-16yrs: $5

+$5 for Rental Bike if Rqd.

Mar-Aug Only

For more info check out the forum or contact Carl Jones or Stuart Gardner

Junior Programs

The best start possible...

We have a number of programs suitable to riders from the age of 10 up.*

*Younger riders may also be able to take part depending on cycling ability and size.

Training Opportunities

Get fast!

Alkek Velodrome offers a number of training options to riders who have completed our new rider clinic. 

Track Cycling 101

The basics...

A rundown of track cycling. It may seem a confusing and strange world but once you've got your head around it it's a lot of fun!

Riding Resources

Some helpful rider tools...

Looking for workouts? Trying to figure out what gear you should run? We can help. Austin's calulators and Carl's training sessions are a great place to start!


A list of the questions we get asked most...

Do you still need some more information to convince you to get started? Check out our FAQ Section...

Weekend Market
New Riders

The first step in your track cycling journey...

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