Mark Lyndon ‘Doc’ Bing, October 15, 1951 - January 9, 2021


Recently, Houston lost a great man. Mark ‘Doc’ Bing passed away on Jan 9, 2021 and leaves behind a legacy of happiness and opportunity he brought to many lives, including ours.  All who have enjoyed the Alkek Velodrome in recent years do so on the foundation that Doc was instrumental in building.

Even those of us who did not know Doc personally heard of the magnitude of his kindness and generosity. He was the kind of person spoken about without prompting. For many years, people have wanted others to know of his character and contributions to his community. Although he did not put himself in the spotlight, he was busy behind the scenes making sure things were getting done.  We are grateful to share with you stories of those who knew Doc Bing so that we can all appreciate his legacy and find inspiration from it. 

·        Doc Bing was a founder and president of the Greater Houston Cycling Foundation. He played a key role in securing the lease for Alkek Velodrome from the City of Houston in 2007.  In fact, his name appears on the lease agreement. It is thanks to his involvement and dedication that we still have a velodrome to this day.

·        Junior cycling programs also benefited from his generosity.  Doc provided a fleet of bikes that were lent to junior riders. As they grew, juniors could swap their bike for another bike as needed. Mark ensured junior riders could go to national championships and was instrumental in sending a junior team to race in the Newport Velodrome in Wales, UK.  From the group on that trip, almost all the riders became national champions during their career.

·        Doc Bing encouraged all levels of cycling, from helping those joining their first group ride to the other end of the spectrum with Focus 2004, a team he helped set up for elite track cyclists with dreams of going to the 2004 Athens Olympics.  This included Olympians Gideon Massie and Adam Duvendeck. In addition, Team Spin Cycle filled the gap and created a race family for amateur riders through which many people were introduced to and enjoyed racing. Doc provided many of the rental bikes used at the Alkek Velodrome ensuring many riders could enjoy the facility.

·        Carl Jones tells of a rider that was an enthusiast, he took as much pleasure from seeing the enjoyment of others he introduced to the sport as he did from racing himself. While his focus was setting PR’s and competing for the love of the sport, he did win a medal or two at state Championship events and after moving on from racing became an official. – “I was on the first Spin Cycle team until I moved to NWCC. My fondest memory is that he would always call me 'teammate' even after the move.”

·        At the 2007 State Team TT Championships Carl Dore recalls only being able to get a team of 3 riders when 4 were required. Doc Bing was officiating but decided to start with them so they could race. After a short distance he shouted “Good Luck”, turned, and headed back to his duties. The team and Doc Bing were rewarded with the Bronze medal that day. – “He was the kindest man I’ve ever known”

·        Eddie Sanchez recalls how Doc always cared for employee injuries from the local bike shop where Eddie worked. His biggest concern was always to get them back on their bikes as soon as possible. He often became their primary doctor. – “Hands down one of the best individuals I have ever met”

·        Caroline Walker-Trulock’s life was changed when she attended Doc Bing’s office for a physical. She left with an Orbea road bike, a wonderful friendship and an invite to a group ride. Doc Bing taught and encouraged her, eventually introducing her to track cycling at Alkek where she began racing. – “That’s just how Doc Bing was. He was admired, appreciated and adored by many.”

Beyond cycling, he was a highly decorated Doctor of Medicine, husband and father of 5, train enthusiast and supporter of Katy ISD athletics programs. More about this can be found in his obituary:   


Rest in Peace Doc
Greater Houston Cycling Foundation

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