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Coaching Team

Alkek Velodrome's team of experienced coaches know everything you need to get you well on your way in track cycling!

Junior Coaching

Carl offers coaching and training for junior riders. He covers everything from the basics to performance optimization and should be the first point of contact for junior riders only. Katie, Austin and TJ regularly help with this also. 

Adult Coaching

Our adult coaching programs are designed to take riders through how to train and race a the velodrome. We offer a number of options for riders new to track cycling. To inquire please email so we can find you a coach that suits your needs.

Track Induction - $30 per person (Min $50)

For our open group inductions (From $20) please click here

This class covers the basics of learning how to ride at the velodrome including track procedures, etiquette and safety. It's designed for those who would rather not learn in a larger group or can't make a group induction class.

Training at the Track - $20

You will be shown how to complete an effective training session at Alkek Velodrome. Including how to collect a rental bike (if rqd.), pay training fees, warm up, complete a workout, cool down and finish up. The objective is that you gain the confidence to use the track independently or join others as you wish. The coach will usually be training with you.

Fast-Track to Fast Racing - $25 (Race Entry Additional)

Hire a coach to guide you through a race night, learn how to sign up, pin on a number, where to go and race formats. You will also get some tactical and gearing advice. The coach will take you through a pre-race warm up and give advice/feedback during the event. This is available for our Monday Night Sprints, Atomic TT's and Friday Night Racing events. The coach may also be racing so you can learn from watching them. While you can't possibly learn everything about racing in a day you can learn enough to confidently navigate a race event and will be well placed to develop further.

Coaching fees are per person and payable directly to the coaches themselves. They accept cash or PayPal. Other payments methods may also be available. Additional services may be arranged.

Carl Jones

Carl, an experienced track racer himself, has been running the youth cycling program and new rider classes at Alkek Velodrome as long a most can remember. During this time he has inspired riders from their first lap to national championships and beyond! Many can be found in our Hall of Fame! In addition to coaching qualifications Carl has also completed a BSc in Kinesiology, Movement and Sports Studies.


Carl's current focus is with Junior riders and the development team.  



Katie Gibson

Katie has been riding at Alkek Velodrome since the age of 8 years old. A product of the junior development program Katie is a multiple State Champion, Holds numerous track records and has achieved many medals at nation championships. She is passionate about sport and coaches junior riders in the LCYCL along with providing guidance to those wanting to learn.

Austin Laine
Photo: Ervin Llanera

Austin has been riding at Alkek since his teens. Competitively he won a Silver in the Sprint at Jr Nationals along with a State Championship title in the same discipline. He has also studied the sport intensively and brings not only a great depth of understanding but has taught countless intro classes and youth cycling league camps. A regular at training and races he is a great person to give the guidance riders need when starting out.


TJ Nguyen

TJ is known more for his off road single speed exploits, has been riding the track for since 2012, TJ really got into racing in 2019 upgrading from Cat 4 to 3 and ending the year on top of the Cat 3 rider of the year standings. TJ trains  and races whenever possible. He brings a great wealth of knowledge and experience and is in the perfect position to help riders discover and grow in the sport just like he did!


Daan Kegel

Daan Kegel is an experienced track racer, former elite Rider of the Year and multiple State Champion. His wife Sarah, and three children Ryan, Mia, and Zoe regularly train and race. Daan will regularly be at Alkek Velodrome running the Saturday morning sessions with the LCYCL kids!


Daan is a USAC licensed coach who's current focus is with younger Junior riders and their development.  



Our coaching team are often supported by a group of apprentice junior coaches who all have been through our awesome Youth Cycling League Program. 

The first step in your track cycling journey...

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